White Labeled Debit Cards

Your brand and experience are everything. Your cards display your logo prominently and you decide nearly every design element. Whether you want a plastic card or one built from unique metals, we’ll work with you to get it into your users’ wallet.

Comprehensive API

Comprehensive API

Connecting to the Spend Business SDK gives you a full suite of access to run your application. Check out the API Library by clicking below.

Scalability In Mind

Scalability In Mind

Our 99.9% uptime and scalable interface allows from the simplest to most complex applications to be designed on our platform.

Organized In The Cloud

Organized In The Cloud

Access services on the go and around the world. Spend's Secure Cloud Management Portal enables approved devices full access on the cloud.

Build a Powerful Application

Spend Business offers affordable and highly customizable banking solutions that allow you to easily launch profitable banking features now and in the future.

Accounts icon Checking & Savings Accounts

Offer secure banking services through robust DDA, savings, and FBO accounts.

Debit Cards icon Prepaid, Debit, & Credit Cards

Issue virtual or physical debit cards with full transactional potential.

Payments icon ACH, Wire, SEPA, EFT, & Card Payments

Simplify and improve user bill pay, payments, and more.

Build your own

Data & Control icon Data & Control

Use our exclusive data as an input into your product ecosystem.

Build your own


Create a Digital Wallet for your own coin, smart contract to launch a service, or a combination of payment and account services for your digital currency business.

Build Your Own

Spend Business is not available yet. Expected program launch date is Q2 – 2019. 

REST API lets you build for today, tomorrow, and after

Code in any language, build on any device, and stay cutting-edge as we evolve our platform to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Computer screenshot layer

One API, infinite possibilities

Our unified API enables you to rapidly deploy financial functionality in a compliant and secure environment without a half a dozen integrations.

Our platform is always evolving, so you and your users will benefit from the latest in financial technology.

Explore our API Docs
Built for developers, coveted by strategists

A robust financial platform that’s infinitely customizable and instantly deployable


Easy to build & extend

REST API is well documented which makes launching easy. Continuously expanding platform enables easy future product extension on your terms.

Customize to your vision

Spend’s API-first approach lets you design the best experience for your platform. You own the experience from end to end.

Integrate & scale quickly

Get to market fast and scale profitably with our full-stack platform. Use new revenues to create innovative product hooks that drive even more user growth.

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