One-of-a-kind automated
digital bill pay

Our native presentment makes it quick and easy for your users to handle all of their bills directly in your app.


It’s time to make the bills
pay you

Every bill paid through your debit card earns cash back. With instant settlement and native presentment, it just got a whole lot easier to manage your bills.


Putting you top
of wallet

For linked merchants, automatically switch your user’s default payment method to your company’s debit card. In one tap, you’re the preferred payment card.


ACH to and from
connected accounts

Users can connect their external accounts via instant account verification or microdeposits. Once connected, users can withdraw from and deposit into those accounts seamlessly.


Create a seamless
financial ecosystem

We can create a ‘staging account’ for your business. Use our seamless internal transfers to easily integrate with your existing products and power functionality like instant loan funding, referral bonuses, brokerage account connections, and more.

What sets us apart

Our bill pay system is second to none

Traditionally, bill pay is used as a customer retention tool. It’s sticky – people tend to stick with whoever they pay their bills with. There are a few endemic problems with traditional bill pay.


Sent through ACH (10 cents each) or check ($1 each, roughly), so it ends up being a cost center for the company offering it.


ACH/checks take 2-7 business days to clear, meaning if your bill is due tomorrow and you pay it on the site today, it’ll still be late.

No Presentment

You still have to click through to the partner website to see the bill amount and understand the details.

Switching is Painful

Users have to manually update their payment information for every single bill, adding unnecessary hassle to the process.

Our digital bill pay is integrated to 5,000 merchants across America (companies such as Netflix, Verizon, energy companies, car companies, etc.) and is the only bill pay in the country that actually runs over debit.

Revenue Earning

Our bill pay is done over debit, so instead of costing money, it earns ~1% on every transaction.


If you pay your bill on the site, it’s paid.

Native bill presentment

You can see what’s due, when it’s due, and how much. Easily understand your cash flow and be prepared for upcoming bills.

Switching Made Easy

We automatically swap in your card as the users’ preferred payment method. This makes conversion easy and maximizes usage.

Payment Features


Digital Bill Pay

Our bill pay is digitally integrated with over 5,000 merchants nationwide, allowing for same-day payments over debit that generate serious revenue.


API docs


Instant Internal Transfers

Eliminate money movement friction from your ecosystem. Our platform allows you to move funds the moment you need to.


API docs


ACH Origination

Efficiently originate ACH’s to interact with external accounts anywhere in the
United States.


API docs



Automatically switch your user’s default payment mechanism to your company’s debit card. In one tap, you’re the preferred payment card.


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Instant Loan Funding

Expedite your existing loan funding process by making use of our instant internal transfers. Go from application to fully funded in minutes.


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Direct Deposit

With live routing and account numbers, your users can connect their direct deposit and make your account their primary account.


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Systemize bill pay, streamline payments,
and start adding value

Make your bills pay you
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