Spend Visa Platinum Travel Prepaid Card Rewards Program


Effective October 9, 2019




Spend and the User


These Terms and Conditions govern the Spend Rewards Back Program. The Program is offered and administered by Spend. Your Spend Rewards Program for your Spend Visa Platinum Travel Prepaid Card (“Account”) is automatically enrolled in the Program and is subject to these Terms and Conditions unless and until we notify you otherwise. Use of your Account constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Program Terms and Conditions are separate from the terms of your Card Holder Agreement and other Agreements for using Spend services. It is your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions to be aware of any changes. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the pronouns “you,” “your,” “I,” and “my” are intended to mean any Cardholder, including a joint Cardholder. The pronouns “we,” “us,” and “our” mean Spend.

By clicking “I agree to the Spend Terms of Use” or by activating or using your Spend Card, you acknowledge that you have (i) received and read the entire agreement set out below, (ii) accepted the terms and conditions set out below, and (iii) agreed to the membership fees set out below. Spend will be deemed that you have agreed to this Membership Agreement if it issues a Spend Card to you and that card is activated for use by you. (iv) Spend has the right to modify any of the member terms at anytime without written or electronic notice. (v) You agree that these terms adhere to the same clause of arbitration in the general Terms of Use of all Spend services. (vi) Spend has the final rights to this program and can modify or terminate it without notice.

This program applies to cardholders of the Spend Visa Platinum Travel card (“Travel card”) and those that qualify for the promotional offers that give the cardholders additional opportunities to earn points of 1% on all purchases made.


Points are redeemable by Travel card cardholders of good credit standing whose Travel cards are valid and card accounts are active and current. The ‘Travel card’ Points Rewards Program Rules (also referred to as the ‘Program’) apply to the Visa travel card distributed by Spend. To participate, you must activate your card and make purchases using it.


From time to time, customers may be offered special promotions that give them additional opportunities to earn points.  To participate, you must satisfy the requirements of special offer from card-linked-offers.


Types of Points & Points Duration

You may choose to use your Points towards available redemption options stated below and at any time consistent with this Program such as:


  • Points redemption for gift rewards
  • Points redemption for coupons
  • Points redemption for value added services
  • Points redemption for cash back


There are two types of points:


  • Points accumulated through purchases.
  • Bonus points rewarded during promotional offers from time to time.


Points are automatically earned and generated when you make purchases using Travel Cards.


You may participate in any special offer that give you additional opportunities to earn Points (“Bonus Points”) based on promotion details released from time to time. For example, Bonus Points can be given while purchasing is above certain amount; or Points would double during birthday of the cardholder.


Points will be collected within one calendar year from 1st January, till 31st December of that year. Unless used or terminated under these Program rules, Points do not expire by the end of next calendar year (24:00 on December 31). (i.e., if the customer joins the Program at any time between January 1 and December 31, 2017, then his Points would not be available for redemption after December 31, 2018).


Points from eligible purchases and withdrawals will be accumulated on the next day after the transaction is posted. You may check and use your Points within two days after the transaction date.


Occasionally Spend will have special offers at select merchants through its card-linked-offer which will grant qualified cardholders Bonus Points. Duration of Bonus Points is subject to announcement of each promotion period.


If you close your Travel card, you are no longer eligible for this Program. Hence your Points will be immediately forfeited. Points from multiple cards issued by Spend may not be combined or pooled for redemption. Points may not be transferred to others for redemption.


If you are suspected to make a virtual purchase with your Travel Card, or request refund in order to obtain fraudulent points, Spend reserves the right to deduct the Points that you were awarded for that purchase.


Transaction points accumulation


You will earn Points based on the value of your purchase at the rate of one point for each Singapore Dollar (SGD $1.00) you spend at abroad using your Travel card (Purchases fall below SGD $1.00 will not be accumulated).


Transactions made with your Travel card wallet will be converted to SGD before calculating earned Points.


You will earn Points based on the value of ATM withdrawal at the rate of 2 points for each dollar (SGD $1.00) you withdraw at abroad using your Travel Card (Purchases fall below SGD $1.00 will not be accumulated).


Transactions made with your Travel card wallet will be converted to SGD before calculating earned Points.


Any other related transaction fees and charges including but not limited to conversion fee, withdrawal fee is not eligible for Points accumulation.


You may request points redemption through different redemption channels at Spend, based on the current redemption rules.


There is no annual limit on the amount of Points that can be accumulated within one calendar year.


Upon replacement of Travel Card, Points will be automatically transferred to new card.

Eligible cardholders participating in any special offer can earn Bonus Points. Points can be collected based on promotion rules released from time to time.


 Contact information & Redemption


Contact information & Redemption channels

If you have any question regarding your Points or redemption level, and request Points redemption for gifts or service, please contact Spend customer service hotline at 800-730-3194 during working hours from 9:00am to 6:00pm


Redemption for Gifts & Service


Gift rewards

The Program grants you the option to redeem Points towards gifts and products provided by Spend and our business partners. The latest available redemption options can be found on the Spend mobile application.


When applicable, gift rewards will be sent to the address specified by the customer. (If it is in distant area, customer need pay for extra delivery fee.)

While receiving the gifts/goods, please check if the parcel is intact or not. If the package is damaged, items are missing or any quality problems are found, please reject the parcel immediately and clarify the reason for it.


Types of coupons

You may redeem points for coupons used for merchandise items and services, including shopping coupon and cash coupon. Coupon information will be released on the company’s website periodically.


Coupons are not exchangeable or refundable after redemption.


You may get information about our value-added service by contacting

Value added service is not exchangeable or refundable after redemption.



Spend reserves the right at any time exclude the eligible cardholder from participating or continuing to participate in the Program (including but not limited to no longer collecting points, closing account, prohibiting points redemption, deducting and forfeiting points, etc), if:


A cardholder has violated or failed to comply with terms and conditions of “Pilot administrative measures for domestic and foreign currency exchange for individual clients” and “Measures for the administration on individual foreign exchange”.


A cardholder has requested to close his/her Travel Card, or the account has been frozen within the Points Duration Period.


A cardholder has any overdue payment and/or negative balance.

In the event that alleged money laundering activities and suspicious activities and incidents of fraud under Applicable Regulations are identified.


Spend considers there exist fraud and abuse relating to the earning of Points, i.e. a customer may use virtual transaction in order to redeem fraudulently obtained points for gift rewards.


In the event that Travel cards are rented, transferred and given to others.

Travel Cards have been used for non-consumptive purposes related to business operating and investing, unless otherwise prescribed by the issuer.


In the event that there exist fraud and abuse relating to the earning and redemption of Points, Spend reserves the right to pursue legal claims against the cardholder, and the right to demand for immediate return of the Points and redeemed rewards.


In case Spend conducts its investigation and considers there exist fraud and abuse relating to the earning of Points, i.e. a customer may maliciously take advantage of promotional offer for accumulating points, Spend reserve the right to immediately take these measures including but not limited to forfeiting points account, freezing card account, refusing setting up new card account, not allowing card withdrawal, etc


Points from multiple cards of same cardholder may not be combined or pooled for redemption. To request redemption, Travel cards should be activated.


Please try to redeem your points at least one month before Duration period ends, by calling our hotline, so that we can have enough time to process your application, and guarantee that your points are redeemed successfully. If your Points cannot be redeemed due to untimely submission of information or incomplete submission of information, Spend are not obliged to re-credit or postpone redemption.


Upon redemption, you will receive a verify code from us on your phone. When you type this code to validate the redemption, the request is considered completely by yourself.


The available gift rewards displayed on our website, app, online service platforms and other channels are just for reference of redemption options. The color, appearance and style are subject to the actual product, and the color of the gift is randomly distributed.


If the cardholder submits the application for redemption, he/she should agree that Spend may submit the delivery information such as name, contact number and statement address of the cardholder to the gifts supplier as well as the courier service supplier.


Upon redemption, you cannot cancel your application or ask for points refunds. Be sure to read redemption instructions carefully.


The numbers of each available redemption option are limited. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Information about redemption requirements and quantity limit will be included in the current redemption instruction.


Coupons used for merchandise items and services, including shopping coupon, cash coupon and other coupon have a period of validity. Cardholders cannot use the coupon after it expires. Spend is not obliged to re-issue, replace with new coupon, extend its validity period or to exchange for cash.

The corresponding income tax arising from the redemption of points shall

We will not provide invoice for the gift rewards redeemed by points.

Gift rewards should not be deemed as personal asset before they are redeemed by points. Points are non-transferable. Points transferred to other cardholder or customer are invalid. You cannot exchange points for cash or gift rewards which are not disclosed under this Program.


Spend reserves the right to modify Points accumulation rules, change gift rewards and adjust Points levels, due to market reasons. You may get the latest redemption information by logging on our website. Types of available gift rewards that can be redeemed and Points level are subject to the redemption announcement on the date of your application for redemption.

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